Bulldog Tap Shirt

Posted on March 25, 2013 by Brett Farmiloe

With Sportiqe Apparel's Bulldog Tap shirt, you can declare your appreciation for your favorite hometown sports bar.

Bulldog Tap Shirt

Sportiqe’s “Hometown Classics” line of T-Shirts aims to recreate the comfortable familiarity of local hotspots. With the Bulldog Tap shirt, you can declare your appreciation for your favorite hometown sports bar in Fargo, North Dakota.

It’s Friday night. People gather at a local bar to watch sports in the company of other devoted fans. Meanwhile, other customers enjoy a round of blackjack or catch up with friends or family over appetizers. The atmosphere throughout the bar is friendly and more importantly, familiar.

Such is the scene at Bulldog Tap in Fargo, North Dakota. Daily specials offer a variety of drink options at a price that keeps your wallet fat. A lunch menu featuring a variety of appetizers, burgers, pizzas, sandwiches and salads is available to satisfy the pickiest of late-night cravings.

The sentimental value of the local watering hole is no stranger to those outside of Fargo. No matter where you are, this T-Shirt will no doubt remind you of nights spent at the hometown pub in a comfortable, yet stylish fashion.

The familiarity of Bulldog Tap is not the only comforting element of the shirt itself. The logo is slightly faded in a vintage style that represents a local joint in a fashionable manor. With a combination of polyester, cotton and rayon fabrics, the Bulldog Tap shirt is comfortable enough that it may just become your new favorite tee.

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